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Everyone I love you all but I have to end the madness. I cant keep this journal up because I work all the time and when I'm not working I am sleeping and it just isnt fair on you all. Having a friend who never posts and never comments on your life.

Its been great and I wish you all the very best. Sorry that this all failed so epically. I wont be deleting the journal because I might come back, who knows. But for now its all over red rover.

Thank you all so much, without your help I wouldnt have found myself where I am now and where I am now is a really good place. Just knowing I had you all to talk to when I was struggling was enough to really lift me up.

Lame pants time

Ok so I was sitting here thinking and I have decided I am going to do a friends cut. Now I hate to do it but I realise there are a few people I have friended here who

1.I've never received a comment from
2.I've never given a comment to
3.I havent even seen UPDATE to begin with.

So I am going to delete a few people. Not because I dislike you or I have a problem with you, just because why have each other on our lists if we arent even talking.
Now this doesnt mean it has to be permanent. If you are secretly really wanting to stay friends or youve been really busy/ having a rough time then sure, drop me a line on This Post and tell me you want to be re-added. I'm happy to do it. Otherwise just remove me from your list and all will be sweet.

Hello, hello world

Hi all.
This is a friends only journal but I'm a friendly sort.


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